Senior FAQs

You've got questions?
Well, good. Pull up a chair and read on, cuz we've got answers.

How long have you guys been around?

We’ve been shooting seniors and families since 2007.

What is a session with JSi like?

Depending on which session you select, we’ll spend our time together at the Kansas City metro location(s) of your choice. We’ll work together with you to choose a location that has awesome lighting and the best spots to move around to. We WILL ask you to smile for the camera, but we’ll also try some more serious looks, too. One of our favorite things to do is bust out our lighting and create some fun, dramatic portraits. Because you know what you want better than anyone else, we want to hear from you during your session. If you have an idea, share it! Let’s work together.

Can I get studio portraits?

Well, you can, just not with JSi…. 😉 Even though you’re invited to the JSi Studio for your personal ordering appointment, it’s really only a super-cool meeting space and not suited for shooting in. Studio work is great and all, don’t get us wrong. We just like the freedom of a real environment more. It’s actually an important element in what makes our style look the way it does.

Do you offer digitals?

Yep, we sure do. You can purchase one individual file, a bundle, or your whole session-perfect for Instagram and loading on your phone. But, that jump drive sure won’t look as nice on your walls as a big, beautiful metal print though 😉 

How do I book/reserve a session?

Your session date is reserved once your portrait contract is signed and your session fee is paid.

When is the best time for my session?

Our favorite time of day to shoot is during the evening a few hours before sunset. It’s hands-down the most flattering light of the day!

What if I have to reschedule?

Payment of your session fee reserves that day and time so that no one else gets it. So, when you can’t make it, no one else gets that spot either. But we totally understand that life happens. You get one complimentary reschedule for any reason. After that, if you still need to reschedule there is a $75 rescheduling fee.

What if the weather is bad on the day of my session?

Since we live in the mid-west, where if it was sunny and 60 the day before, that means it will be windy and 30 degrees on the of your session-lol. If the forecast calls for rain/strong winds/snow, we will contact you the night before your session and see if it’s possible to make a call at that time. Often though, it’s a matter of waiting until those last few hours before to really know. If that’s the case, we will call you 3 hours prior to let you know our thoughts. If we postpone, no worries! As a general rule, we try to keep Sundays available for rescheduling. We will also provide you with a list of alternate dates that are available as well.

Can I suggest some locations for my session?

Totally. In fact, that’s pretty much the best idea ever. We want to hear your ideas and go to spots that you are really excited about. The MOST fun sessions we have are the ones where we get to use a new space, somewhere fresh and unexpected. Somewhere all of your friends didn’t go… 🙂

Do you offer hair and make-up?

Oh, heck yeah, we do. We have a few favorite artists who are here to make you look fabulous! In fact, one of our sessions come with that service.

How many outfits do I get?

Well, that depends. How fast can you change clothes? We don’t put limitations on clothing changes. Just keep in mind that in some instances, we may not have access to bathrooms.

What about props?

We want you to bring anything and everything that’s personal for you. Football, books, a piano, favorite chair, your very own artwork-WE LOVE IT!

What if I am late to my session?

Well, stuff happens, we understand and it’s not a problem. We try not to book sessions back to back in case things happen, but often it’s a matter of running out of light. No light=no pictures. It’s just that simple. For that reason, if you are more than 20 minutes late we will automatically reschedule.

What happens after the session?

Once your session is over, the agonizing wait begins! But, we’ll alleviate your anticipation with a teaser image on Instagram. You can find us HERE. Once your images are ready you’ll come in for your own personal ordering appointment at the JSi Studio. This is the time when you’ll see your images for the first time, get acquainted with all of our yummy products and place your order. AND…. we’ll help you every step of the way to prepare for your ordering appointment, no worries.

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