JSi Newborn Style

Get to know our style a little bit better.

We want you to love the newborn images we create for you. The first step is to get to know us and the types of images we seek to create. There is a perfect photographer out there for everyone. It would be so cool if you discovered we’re the ones for you! So, take a look around, read more about our lifestyle approach to newborn photography, and just get to know us better. Be sure to visit our full [portfolio] too.

We want to tell a story, of what your family felt when your new baby was born. The images we’re taking now are for later, when your baby is all grown up, to remember what their new little lips looked like, how you felt when holding them in those first days. We wouldn’t trade the moments we captured for all the babies-as-props portraits in the world.

We’ll be coming to your home. After all, that’s where this little babe’s story begins. Instead of a ‘studio’ look with just your baby in baskets and bowls, we will be capturing you together with your baby – snuggling, kissing, hugging, and soaking them up. There are so many wonderful moments we want to capture – the swelling of pride and love on a new dad’s face, the 7 different facial expressions he can make in a single moment, mom kissing his little feet. Those are the things we cannot wait to capture for you.

That sounds pretty good, right? Yeah, we think so too.

Of course, everyone loves having a beautiful portrait, and we’ll totally get more than a few. BUT! We’ll do it with our JSi signature stamped on it. And we figure you’ll have a waaay better time if you are in the comfort of your own home. After all, you just had a baby! Who wants to pack everyone up at that point?! You’ll have enough time to get everything you want from your session. You’ll receive guidance from us every step of the way. We’ll take our cues from your brand new baby. They’ll tell us exactly what they want or don’t want at that moment. Every moment is beautiful, even those diaper changes and burping sessions 🙂

Love Notes.

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