Newborn FAQs

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Well, good. Pull up a chair and read on, cuz we've got answers.

How long have you guys been around?

We’ve been shooting kiddos and family portraits since 2007. We began the crazy adventure of shooting weddings in 2009.

What is a newborn session with JSi like?

We will come to your home for your lifestyle newborn/family session. We reserve up to three hours for your in-home newborn session. But, much of that time is spent comforting, feeding, or changing your baby. We will arrive and take a look around at the best spots in your home for pictures. What you’ll really be doing is relaxing and snuggling with your new baby. We are seeking to capture their newness and the emotions of this thrilling time in your family’s life.

How is a lifestyle newborn session different than a normal newborn session?

We want to tell a story, of what your family felt when your new baby was born. The images we’re taking now are for later, when your baby is all grown up, to remember what their new little lips looked like, how you felt when holding them in those first days. We’ll be coming to your home. After all, that’s where this little babe’s story begins. Instead of a ‘studio’ look with just your baby in pictures, we will be capturing you together with your baby – snuggling, kissing, hugging, and soaking them up. There are so many wonderful moments we want to capture. Now, doesn’t all that sound pretty good? We think so too.

Can I get studio portraits?

Well, you can, just not with JSi…. 😉 Even though you’re invited to the JSi Studio for your personal ordering appointment, it’s really only a super-cool meeting space and not shooting in. Studio work is great and all, don’t get us wrong. We just like the freedom of a real environment more. It’s actually an important element in what makes our style look the way it does.

What is BIRTHday photography?

A BIRTHday documentary session is a special kind of session! You will never see a more true reflection of the feelings surrounding your new baby than with this set of images. One photographer will come to the hospital anytime on the day you give birth or the next day – before you leave the hospital. This is a documentary. It will not be a traditional portrait session. We will spend around 30-60 minutes documenting you and your loved one’s experience as they meet this wonderful new little bundle. Still wondering if this session is right for you? Click HERE to see a real life example.

What about props?

Our sessions are about emotions and connections. We can’t think of anything better to incorporate than those personal items that hold special meaning for you. Other than that, we don’t bring any baskets or generic props to your session. We think that you and your baby are enough to create powerful and lasting portraits.

When is the best time frame for newborn photos?

The best, most awesome time to have your newborn photos taken is within the first 10 days of birth. With years of experience photographing newborns, we can say that after the 10 day mark, they aren’t as sleepy and don’t curl up like they did when they first arrived. They change so much every day! Now, the cool thing about our shooting style is that we can still get some great shots even if you book your session after the first 10 days!

Do you offer digitals?

Yep, we sure do. You can purchase one individual file, a bundle, or the whole kit and caboodle! But, that jump drive sure won’t look as nice on your walls as a big, beautiful canvas though 😉 

How long before my due date should I book my session?

It’s never too early to book your newborn session. You want to make sure we have room in our schedule for your session, AND room to reschedule if you deliver early or late. We also want to have all the arrangements made for your session before you deliver. Who wants to deal with that after having a baby? No one, man.

How do I book/reserve a session?

Your session date is reserved once your portrait contract is signed and your session fee is paid.

What if I have to reschedule?

Payment of your session fee reserves that day and time so that no one else gets it. So, when you can’t make it, no one else gets that spot either. But we totally understand that life happens, especially with a new little one to take care of. You get one complimentary reschedule for any reason. Let us know as soon as you can so that we can reschedule inside that narrow window of opportunity that newborns have (before they stop being newborns). If you need to reschedule more than once, there is a $75 rescheduling fee.

Can you help me with what to wear?

Of course we can! We have an inspiration page filled with examples from real JSi sessions, beautiful color scheme suggestions, and helpful hints sprinkled throughout.

What if my older kiddos don’t behave at the session?

DON’T worry if your older kiddos aren’t their normal selves during this time. As much as you want your kiddo to be a perfect angel during the session, let yourself off the hook if it doesn’t happen. This is where we work our JSi magic 😉 It can be a big transition to add a new sibling. We are pretty good at detecting that and turning things around. Pushing them is not going to make them smile-that’s a proven fact. 

How much pizza will Mike eat after the session?

Well, the man bleeds pizza sauce so it’s a given that the level of pizza consumption is going to be pretty high. (You know us so well!)

What happens after the session?

Once your session is over, the agonizing wait begins! But, we’ll alleviate your anticipation with a teaser image on our Facebook page. Click to become a fan, it’s a F-U-N page, we promise! Once your session is over you’ll come in for your own personal ordering appointment at the JSi Studio. This is when you’ll see your images for the first time, get acquainted with all of our yummy products and place your order. AND…. we’ll help you every step of the way to prepare for your ordering appointment, no worries.

Can you photograph my baby throughout their first year?

You betcha we can, and we would be honored! Our popular ‘My First Year’ program is perfect for you! We have three easy collections to choose from.

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