JSi Family Style

Get to know our style a little bit better.

We want you to love the images we create for you. That starts with getting to know us and the types of images we seek to create. There is a perfect photographer out there for everyone. It would be so cool if you discovered we’re the ones for you! So, take a look around, read more about our approach, and just get to know us better. Be sure to visit our full [portfolio] too.

Well, we won’t settle for your fake smile, that’s for sure. We love to see the authentic you. We live for genuine laughs, even if we have to work our tails off to get em. We need to capture those real connections between you guys! Of course, one really cool thing about working with us is that we REALLY want to work with you to create something distinct. We’re not the photographers for you if you want overly-posed “stiff” pictures that look like everyone else’s. Hey-you’re NOT just anybody. You’re YOU. Let’s celebrate that!

Here’s the deal. Your family is growing and changing constantly. Your kiddos may do some crazy things that you *hope* no one ever captures on camera 🙂 BUT, they also have 3 dozen distinct facial expressions… their very own personality… and you love them so much that you just can’t contain it sometimes.

Those are the things we plan to capture for you.

Of course, everyone loves having a beautiful portrait, and we’ll totally get more than a few. BUT! We’ll do it with our JSi signature stamped on it. We figure if you’re relaxed and having a good time, then it will show a whole lot more than a stuffy studio ’tilt your head just like this… no, this way…. now say cheese!’ kinda portrait. We’ll make you smile because we’ll be laughing and playing with you.

We want you to have a TON of fun, and if you’re not, then you’re probably not at a session with JSi. Cuz that’s what we do, we have fun, lots of it. Our goal is for you to walk away with a brand new idea of what getting your pictures taken is like.

Love Notes.

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